Buying vs. Leasing

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Deciding how you want to finance your next car can be stressful. 

To help you take the best course of action, the resident finance experts at our Honda dealership in Portland broke down some of the quintessential benefits of both buying and leasing.

What Are The Benefits of Buying A Car? 

Eventually, Car Payments Stop

Buying a car demands higher monthly payments and upfront costs than a lease, but there will come a time when you complete your loan obligation.

You Own The Car

Although owning a car hosts a wide range of benefits, they often go under the radar. For instance, you have no mileage limit or obligation to cover excessive wear and tear. You can even customize or modify your car, should you wish. 

Future Value

Assuming you completed all of your payments, you have full control over what to do with your car, whether that be to let the miles rack up or cash in with a trade-in when you see fit. 

What Are The Benefits of Leasing A Car?

Lower Payments

As you’re paying for the costs of depreciation rather than equity in the vehicle itself, monthly and down payments are lower across the board, which means you can step-up to a more extravagant model or simply pocket the savings.

You’re Always Under Warranty

Should your car blindside you with unexpected repairs, the new vehicle warranty will cover you for your lease term.

Ease Of Return

When your lease ends, there’s no selling process to worry about – the dealer takes the car off your hands and you pay for any outstanding fees. From there, you’re ready to get behind the wheel of your next car. Might we suggest an exceptional offer from our new Honda specials?

Finance Your Next Car At Our Honda Dealership Near Portland

If you’re still not sure whether to buy or lease your next car, our finance experts would be happy to consult you based on your lifestyle. We recommend completing our online finance application to get a glimpse of your options.

To learn more about the auto financing process, don’t hesitate to contact us at Beaverton Honda.