Honda Lease Return

When your Honda is nearing its lease end, Portland area Honda lessees have three options:

Return My Honda Lease, Get Behind the Wheel of a New Honda

Honda lessees can slide their way into the driver’s seat of a CR-V, a Civic, or any other one of the exceptional models from our new Honda inventory. When making the switch to a new Honda, drivers may qualify for Honda Loyalty benefits, like a wear and use waiver and a turn-in fee waiver, to keep costs as low as possible.

Around six months before your lease-end, we recommend checking out our new Honda specials for the best deal on your next ride. Within two to three months of your lease’s conclusion, contact the Honda Lease Maturity Center to check your eligibility for Honda Loyalty benefits and schedule your end-of-lease inspection.

New Honda Inventory

Purchase My Honda Lease

It can be difficult to say goodbye to the vehicle that gave you a gratifying driving experience over your lease period. Fortunately, Portland area Honda owners can stick with the model they love by choosing to purchase!

To purchase your leased Honda, log in to your Honda Financial Services™ account to request a payoff quote and contact the Lease Maturity Center about your plan to purchase your vehicle. Then, reach out to us at Beaverton Honda and our financing department will arrange the finer details.

Return My Honda Lease

If you’re not ready for a new Honda purchase or lease, contact the Lease Maturity Center to discuss the return process at least two months out from your lease-end. You will need to schedule an inspection as well as make an appointment to return your vehicle to Beaverton Honda.

When returning your leased Honda, ensure it looks clean and bring the following to avoid extra fees:

  • All keys to the vehicle
  • Owner’s manual and maintenance records
  • Vehicle Return Receipt
  • Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Receipts for completed repairs

Have any questions about the Honda lease-end process? Don’t hesitate to contact Beaverton Honda!

New Honda Inventory