Does the Honda CR-V Have Remote Start?

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2021 Honda CR-V Key Fob

The 2021 Honda CR-V features an abundance of performance and convenience technology to help make your time on the road as easy as ever. The 2021 CR-V features Remote Start, which gets you started on your journey before you even step out of your home.

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How Does Remote Start Work?

Remote Start is designed to start the engine while you are away from the vehicle without using the ignition key. You can even remotely operate the air conditioning and heating automatically based on the temperature outside, making the harsh winters and scorching hot summers a bit easier to manage.

Remote Start can be activated from a range of up to 400 feet and can automatically activate and set itself to 72 degrees.

How to Use Remote Start

Starting the Engine

  • Press the Lock button, then press and hold the Engine button within five seconds to remotely start the engine.
  • The engine runs for up to 10 minutes. To extend the run time for another 10, repeat the first step during the first 10 minutes.
  • While the engine is running, the climate control system adjusts the cabin temperature, the security system remains on, while lights and accessories remain off.

Turning the Engine Off

  • Press and hold the Engine button.
  • The engine will stop if it has been running for more than 10 minutes, or if any door is open without using the remote or smart entry.

In addition to Remote Start, the 2021 CR-V features Smart Entry with Walk Away Auto Lock, enabling you to lock and unlock the doors without ever taking your key fob out of your pocket.

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2021 Honda CR-V Inventory2021 Honda CR-V Trim Comparison

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