Project Drive-In

December 21st, 2017 by

In 2013, American Honda Motor Company held a vote-based competition to save five drive-in movie theaters across America. With 35mm film being discontinued and digital projectors costing approximately $75,000 each, many theaters were at risk of closing. Beaverton Honda teamed up with the 99W Drive-In, and held a promotional “Honda Night” where guests who came up to our booth and voted for our drive-in, received Honda swag, and free popcorn. The feature film was Ghostbusters, which drew a huge crowd. With an ongoing social media campaign, we were in it to win it. One afternoon, we got the notice: the 99W Drive-In had been saved! Thanks to all of our awesome social media followers, customers, and the management staff at the drive-in, they are up and running with their digital projector!

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